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writer : Dean Young

A few weeks ago, I got passed the mid checkpoint of my 20′s. Here are a few things I’ve learned. I hope they are right.
  1. Understand yourself. I know I had repeated this for countless times here in Quora, but I need to repeat myself. If I can only do ONE thing in my 20’s, this will be the one. Spend a great deal of time to understand yourself - find out what matters to you the most, set goals - know your goals - adjust your goals, figure out your strengths and weaknesses and know your current position. If you look at iconic people today, all of them practice a high level of self-awareness. Yes, there will we time we all feel lost, but the earlier you learn about yourself, the earlier you get to perform at a different level.
  2. Opt for mastery. Dabbling is very common in today’s society because that is what we are being taught and encourage to do. We are being rewarded by money, recognition, fame, praise when we start something, not when we finish something. However, true success comes from mastery. Instead of getting your hands on every single thing in front of you, opt for mastery. Start small and stay with ONE thing even when it’s tough.
  3. Start before you feel ready. Now you may ask: What to practice self-awareness? And how to master something? Unfortunately, there is no shortcut for these. No one is there to tell you who you are and what to do, and most people don’t bother to tell you how to do it. Why? Because everyone is as clueless as you. Everyone is walking his or her own walk without a map. Everyone is trying to figure out a clue for themselves. Instead of waiting for an answer, start doing something even you don’t feel ready now. Life is about trial and error.
  4. Fail fast, fail often. If you start before you feel ready, you will definitely fail more often than John, Sally, and Daniel who never start anything. Is that bad? Probably. But that’s how we learn. Every failure is a lesson for your next action. Never stay stagnant because of fear, embrace it. And never dwell on past missteps, instead, take a closer look to learn from them.
  5. Fall in love like an adult. Stop the childish, unrealistic, demanding, irresponsible, fantasizing type of love and relationship. Instead, learn how to fall in love like an adult with mutual understanding, with empowering beliefs, with positive communication, with self-love, with acceptance, with contributions, with trust.
  6. Cultivate constructive habits. We’re what we repeatedly do. Most people today cherish the one-time event and outcome, what they failed to see this the process and system behind it. Everyone is fired up when he loses 30 pounds in 12 weeks or she made $380,000 in 9 months, while what matters the most is the process and system behind these achievements. Putting into the context of daily work and life, most people focus solely on the outcome, very little people focus on the habits and routine. Next time when you think of your goals, don’t just stop there. Take a step further to think about what can you do routinely to bring you there? And what habits you need to cultivate to make you the person you want to become?
  7. Learn to love what you do. Passion is overrated. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates never spend 10 years seeking for what they love. They do one thing that got them excited at that time, they fully immersed themselves in it, they continue doing it even when it’s tough, they didn’t found their passion, they created their passion. Too many people in their 20’s filter out things - career, hobby, relationship - by focusing on what they don’t like, the truth is that no matter how you love something, there will be the opposite side. Try to choose something when you find a tiny part of it that you love, then stick to it even when it’s hard.
  8. Take good care of your body. This needs no further explanation if you don’t want your life to end at your 20’s.
And I hope they are helpful to you.

source : Quora.com

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