tips for outsourcing system


Outsourcing is often a critical part of launching a new business or product, but it's an area whre many people fall down. --and get upset, ofcourse, haha--

Here some tips about outsourcing, minimize possibility of heart breaking. lol.

- Be disciplined
the same rules apply as far as clearlt communicating your expectations.

- Hire Right
Run a test by executung a small project before handing over too much responsibility. If you're not getting what you want, don't waste time. Cut off and MOVE ON. say good bye to him/her.

- Provide very clear direction
Make sure you provise excellent direction, management and oversight. Be Cerewet! :3

- Use examples
the clearer you can be, the more likely you are to get the result you want.

- Check in regularly

- Manage against clear deliverables.
its very important to specify key milestones and delivery dates.

- Pay based on performance.
what you see is what you pay for.

- Take responsibility
how much of the fault WAS YOURS for not being clear or for not checking in?
there is no more 'gak enakan' or 'gatega' or 'yaudah gapapa'
be persistent. cerewet is good. hahaha.


for complete tips, lets read book LAUNCH by scott duffy^^

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