Kultweet dari temen SMA saya beberapa hari lalu asik banget. Nanjleb ampe ulu hati.

Berikut kultweet dari Chandra Satria Muda (@csatriamuda) , eksekutif muda di General Electric. Iyah, GE yang itu. XD uhuy!

(1) Everyone has their own strength and value proposition, I call it, uniqueness. Please make sure you develop the right one

(2) Sometimes you will learn how to develop it in the hard way or easy way. Stay focus, you are the owner of your attitudes and principles.

(3) Sometimes people will against your perspective, either older or younger ppl. Stay humble & listen their feedback, take it as the room to grow.

(4) Self awareness, self esteem and self actualization are 3 elements that you need to balance. Understand your role & drive it to common good.

(5) People with high self awareness but low self esteem and self actualization, will be remained in the corner. No one will see your great ideas.

(6) Try to voice out, try to take more risk and try to learn from your failures; fail fast and learn fast, that's what you need to do.

(7) People with high self esteem but low self awareness and self actualization, will be left behind. Too many noises, but no harmony in actions.

(8) Try to reflect, try to start from small & try to execute ur vision; see the sky but keep ur foot on the ground, u will complete the puzzle

(9) People with high self actualization, but low self awareness & self esteem, will be avoided due to unconscious command & create their own world.

(10) Try to be more emphatic, try to open your hands & try to accept mistakes; think and act with your heart, not only with your mind and muscle.

(11) I always believe that God created us for a reason. I believe there's great purpose why Allah send you to the earth. Play your role well..

(12) Dont forget from where u belong, the art of creation about you or family. Believe, Allah give u shoulders to carry great responsibilities.

(13) Dont be spoiled w/ the amenities of earth. It's delusional & temporary, try to understand what's actually that u want to have as ur legacy.

(14) Remember, your credibility is the most expensive character. Your honesty, your loyalty and your dedication. Be a trustworthy person.

(15) I learn that sometimes your strength can be your weakness too. Again, that's why you need to balance your value proposition, your character.

(16) Try to think from other angle, what will ppl think when someone will mention ur name, what will be ur masterpiece in any dimension of life.

(17) And remember, you cant make everyone feels happy & satisfied. As long as you have acceptable/reasonable argument, u are on the right track.

(18) It's ok for being careless, many young guns do that. But remember, you are responsible to your actions and you need to pay the consequences.

(19) In conclusion, u need to own ur decision. What u need to get and why u need to do that. If u are clear about it, the details will follow.

Awesome rite?
Bahkan butiran debu aja bisa bermanfaat untuk bertayamum. Dunia menunggu kontribusimu! semangat!

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